Whether it’s doing a deep dive into the world of fanfiction from a publisher’s perspective or interviewing independent authors about their craft, I’ve enjoyed working with creative and marketing professionals to create content that is both informative and entertaining. In my experience, there’s nothing better than setting your sights on a new topic and sinking your teeth in.

Sometimes, approaching a new topic as an outsider gives you an advantage over specialists when it comes to explaining technically dense material to the general public. At Chapel Hill, I participated in student research and spent much of my undergraduate career studying biochemistry–I’m no stranger to jargon and, trust me, I know how little anyone wants to read it.

Need long-form, research intensive content for your site? Or are you looking for a technical writer to breakdown complicated material for a general audience? Pull up a chair and let’s talk:


Interview with Superflame

When it comes to creating a bestseller, writing is the easy part. Learn about self-marketing in the digital age from the best-selling indie author, Superflame.


Need a picture to go with that article? I’ve got you covered.

I first got into photography when a buddy of mine said it was the perfect adult hobby. I bought a camera before I went to visit him in Colorado and have been in love ever since. Over time, my perception of what photography is has changed and expanded. For some, photography is art, pure and simple. For others, like the team behind the Voyager space probe mission, photography is a means of exploration.

A photo of man taking a picture of the mountains below Mount Elbert, Colarado.

In storytelling, photography can enrich your characterization of a world and its characters. The language of images and symbols adds layers to a scene, and a single image can snare a reader with intrigue and pull them further into your narrative. Your photos might clarify the meaning of your words, or they might add in a new element entirely. Ultimately, photography is just another tool in your storytelling toolkit.

In 2019, you can’t get away without some degree of design knowhow. Whatever adventure you’re on, Photography is a valuable asset and can be used to elevate your reader’s experience when they’re on the trail with you.

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