Creative and relevant content can be difficult to find. Through careful research and meticulous editing, my copy gives businesses a leg up on the trip from functional to engaging and competitive. Below are some samples of my work on Medium and Lulu’s blog.

If you’re interested, please reach out for copywriting rates (blog, promo, etc.):

It’s Time to Cancel Amazon and Support Workers

Where does the worker fit into Amazon’s business model of “speed, innovation, and customer obsession”?

5 Marketing Tips and Takeaways from Internet Summit ‘19

Cutting through the digital marketing clamor as we discuss AI, SEO, and Gen Z. See what you missed at Raleigh’s Internet Summit 2019.

Header image for article featuring the atrium of the Raleigh Convention Center.
Header image for blog article from Lulu Press.

Lulu Takes On Invasive Species

Stay out of our Soil. Team Lulu takes a trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art to wage war against invasive plant species.

Lulu Visits Food Bank CENC In Durham

Join Team Lulu out in the community while we do some work for the local Food Bank, labeling goods and learning about preventing hunger.

Header image from a blog article from Lulu Press featuring a can of soup.


Pour l’instant, je ne fais que la traduction (français vers l’anglais), mais voici trois exemples du contenu que j’ai dirigé en français. Ceux-ci ne sont que des exemples de contenu original–il ne s’agit pas de la traduction.

Sur la page Lulu en français, j’ai dirigé toutes les promos, toutes les annonces et l’intégralité de publications informationnelles publiées sur la page.

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a lowly writer looking for a good time and an even gooder story.

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